Monday, July 14, 2008

folk and roots and sangria

a small group of friends went to the Folk&Roots Festival in Welles park yesterday. There was an invitational fiddle competition that was amazing! these people could play! the weather was perfect, super sunny (almost a little too sunny) and there is nothing better than laying on a picnic blanket with fresh summer fruits and veggies and absorbing all the rays. it defined summer for all of us. one of the best moments was dancing to White Mule, one of the fiddle bands in the dance tent. lots of dos-e-do's and ringing of the dishrag to be had by all. we indulged in a lot of beer and mussels at the Hopleaf afterwards and then enjoyed a long bike ride home in the warm summer evening.

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Karen said...

dancing to the white mules was awesome. so was the sangria. i need to get my film developed . . .also, i'm gonna make some soup from the other post. it sounds so refreshing.