Thursday, July 10, 2008

some kyoto

i thought i would begin to share some images from my recent trip to Japan...i'll start with Kyoto [and a little bit of Nara]. so beautiful and thoughtful. every corner was a new experience. these include Todai-ji [the largest wood structure held together with only joinery, no nails!], and sushi.

also, a visit to Ryoan-ji, a rock garden and temple.
the wood floors at Ryoan-ji have been buttered by the oils of thousands of pairs of feet, the patina is amazing. the stone steps that lead to the temple allow an elegant amount of thinking space before you reach the demanding but soulful temple front, which immeadiately asks for your intention in entering. the rock garden is simple and to some it may be a let down, but if you sit and stare it follows a lovely narrative about the relationship of each rock to one another. the raked rocks emphasize this narrative path.

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