Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Shift in thought, or how I began Grad School

So, I am now shifting this blog into being more focused on my ceramic work, and less just about me. I will still include snippets of what I am up to, and of course, what delicious food I am making. All of which feeds into the ceramic work that I make. But, the focus is going to shift more into what inspirations I am finding each week and how that is influencing my choices in the design studio. It's the more personal version of the design blog we have set up at HandinHandDesign.blogspot.com, which serves to show the collaborative efforts of Michael and I.

This blog will trail through the next few years of grad school, where I'll be focused entirely on ceramics and design; the interactions of the two practices, the historical implications of industry on them and how we can take the ideas of "slow" and small into the processes of manufacturing. This will all be explored under the name General Assembly, my new title for the design work that I produce both for myself and as commissioned pieces, all for the sake of bringing strong craftsmanship into ceramic design and production.

Today I am setting up shop in the ceramics department at SAIC, studio M152, I believe. The space is great and it's right next to the slip-casting room, which will make for great instant experiments and explorations, as well as access! I'll post photos of the empty space later today, beginning the documentation of life as a grad student.

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