Tuesday, August 19, 2008

jumbles of words

there are summer days that are meant for running and then there are some that are meant for lounging in the cool grass. these photos are from a running around day of enjoying new friends at the Chicago Honey Co-op tomato potluck dinner fundraiser for Terra Madre. a beautiful slice of apiary heaven on Chicago's less than perfect west side.

also the lounging summer fare, a game of scrabble. m only beat me by five points on this one. but i spelled ai, which is a three-toed sloth, in case you're wondering. and vrouw, which is a dutch woman. i picture her with a white hat on, but do what you will in your own mind with such a fun yet reasonable word.

I have taken akin to this line of poetry from Before the Storm by Louise Gluck, so I thought I'd share it outloud:

The mountain stands like a beacon, to remind the night that the earth exists,

that it mustn’t be forgotten.

it's a lovely summary of thought.

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